Acupuncture for heavy painful periods

Andreia H., a freelancer, has kindly given her time to answers some questions around her use of acupuncture to help manage painful and heavy periods. Why did you come for acupuncture treatment? To support me with anaemia, heavy bleeding and period pain, a condition I’ve had for many many years. What was your experience with … Continue reading Acupuncture for heavy painful periods

Hypnobirthing benefits

Sarah from Happy Births has kindly taken time out to explain more about the benefits of hypnobirthing. Thank you! Recent years have seen a soar in the popularity of Hypnobirthing. Perhaps once thought of as a bit ‘woo’ or ‘hippy’, more and more expectant parents are now tapping in to the mind:body connection and learning … Continue reading Hypnobirthing benefits

Acupuncture in Horsham

Horsham District was ranked 19 out of 250 districts in the 2016 annual Halifax quality of Life Index so understandably there is a lot of focus on quality of life and personal welling being in Horsham. Horsham district wellbeing  has a large resource of useful information pointing to ways in which you can improve wellbeing … Continue reading Acupuncture in Horsham

Acupuncture in Horsham

New to Hollytree Healing Centre, in Barns Green Horsham, Siân is an Acupuncturist, specialising in women’s health but also treats a wide range of conditions, including pain, insomnia, digestive issues and the abundance of symptoms produced by stress. Some people can be a little apprehensive about trying acupuncture. So they may be surprised that Siân … Continue reading Acupuncture in Horsham