Brilliant Birth Workshops

Brilliant Birth Workshop

I know I have been mentioning it quite a lot resently but I am really happy to be working with the Brilliant Birth Workshop. The first workshop is fast approaching, January 2017, and I wanted tell you more about it and specifically more about what ‘acupressure for pain relief in labour’ is.

The workshop combines hypnobirthing relaxation techniques, active birthing to show you ways to move to make labour shorter and more comfortable, essential information from Katie a midwife about pain relief, when to go to hospital, breast feeding basics and much more. Also, acupressure natural way to manage the stregth of contractions and how to carry your baby in a sling. You will leave with a lot of techniques up your sleves.

Together we give you and your birth partner(s) information and practical techniques to support you in your labour and the early days with your newborn.

So, what is ‘acupressure for pain relief in labour’?

What do women say?

‘Labour was quite fast and furious and I had no time for any pain relief – we couldn’t even fill up the pool in time. So, to that end, I am truly thankful that I pursued the acupressure route. The shoulder points did help though and ultimately both actions gave my husband and I something practical and positive to do during labour. I would have been so much more stressed and out of control if I didn’t have those techniques in my toolkit to use. Thank you for your support along the way.’ – L. Lax

‘I did use the gas and air but the points on my lower back were essential. I felt each surge in my back and low down in my abdomen. When my husband pressed on the points on my back it at least halved the intensity and made surges a lot less overwhelming. He had to press very hard. It’s a good job he’s got strong thumbs.’ – L. Pearson

I have also written about my experience.

What does the research say?

Acupressure is the application of continuous pressure to specific points on the body. Research has found it to be an effective, non-invasive, and easily applied technique to reduce labor pain.

For a comprehensive review of the research international expert, Debra Betts, offers a useful review of a wide range of the research on the use acupressure in labour.

The workshop

The workshop runs over two Sundays in a month from 10am-3pm in Caversham and Didcot. It allows you and your birth partner time to focus on preparing for your birth in a relaxed environment and also gives the opportunity to meet other parents (to be).

Find out more, book a place and find us on facebook.

I am really looking forward to teaching acupressure in combination with the other skills on this workshop and I hope if you were wondering how acupressure can help in labour is, it’s a bit clearer.