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‘I had not had Acupuncture before and Siân was very reassuring. With my first appointment there was a through conversation to gain my background and problems that I was experiencing. Every time I have had acupuncture, time is always taken for an update of my current needs as well as assessing how I have been since the last session. Being someone who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have found acupuncture to help with my ongoing general health and have also found benefit with additional specific problems, including a knee problem, fatigue and shock. I would throughly recommend giving acupuncture a go.’ – Anon, 52

‘Following a diagnosis for breast cancer I was prescribed Anastrozole which meant the return of the dreaded hot flushes and disturbed sleep. I was advised that acupuncture was often quite helpful and so it has proved to be. The intensity of the hot flushes decreased after my first session and after 4 – 5 sessions I was sleeping soundly. I hadn’t had acupuncture before but Sian explained everything before the treatment commenced and put me at ease, there is no pain or discomfort, in fact the sessions are quite relaxing. Everything is sterile and single use. I would highly recommend Siân Morriss acupuncture if you are struggling with these symptoms. Sian is a calm, kind and professional practitioner who will endeavour to help in any way she can.’ – M.H.

‘After a diagnosis and treatment for early-stage breast cancer I was taken off HRT, so then returned the hot flushes which disrupted my sleep so much it made me feel awful. I feel Acupuncture has regulated my sleep and allowed me to have 5 hours continuous sleep which is a vast improvement. It has also reduced the flushes a lot during the day, so I feel less like a zombie. The treatment is a very pleasant experience and deeply relaxing.’ – Anon, 55

‘When I made my first appointment with Siân I was new to acupuncture and did not know what to expect or if it would work. Siân put me at my ease from the first, explaining what she would do in a straightforward way, and taking a detailed history from me. I have since had a course of treatment that I have found really beneficial to my overall health in addition to the original shoulder pain I consulted her about. Siân is a caring, skilled professional and I would recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture.’ – Ruth B

‘I have just completed a course of acupuncture for my trigeminal neuralgia for which I have been prescribed some carbamazepine which does the trick but one of the side effects is that it affects my balance adversely hence the acupuncture. I am glad to say that the acupuncture has worked very well and my trigeminal neuralgia is in remission. I had a course of acupuncture a couple of years ago for the same thing and it went away until just recently which is why I went for acupuncture again.
On a personal note, Siân put me at my ease and was very professional. If my neuralgia comes back again I will have no hesitation in going back to her again. And, no it doesn’t hurt. The acupuncture needles are very small and you can’t feel them going in.’ – Ian S

‘I had treatment for relief of Krohn’s disease 2 years ago. It worked a treat. It was my first acupuncture treatment but it provided relief quite quickly. I have not had any troubles since then. Very happy with the treatment.’ – Joel R

‘When I was in the last day of my pregnancy my little one wasn’t in a rush to go out. I could go to hospital for medical induction or have acupuncture before. Of course when you are expecting a baby you only follow people with whom you have highest trust. I asked Siân for a treatment. The same evening I gave birth. Her knowledge, skills and intuition are priceless. Massage and acupuncture – I highly recommend to every mother.’ – Kamilia G

‘I found I could discuss things with Siân in complete confidence and felt totally relaxed during treatment. I noticed a marked improvement in my menstrual cramps and found the treatment sessions increased positivity when I was suffering from PMT. I looked forward to acupuncture which is something I thought I’d never say!’ – Anon

‘I suffered with Pubic Symphysis Disorder (PSD) whilst pregnant and found it never fully disappeared after my delivery. I had osteopathy to help identify the areas of my body it had affected and alongside acupuncture treatments from Siân. I found that the acupuncture really helped to ‘wake up’ the muscles I hadn’t used properly for a long time. Siân is easy to talk to and she explains what she is doing and why. She really put me at ease and has a friendly and caring, yet professional attitude.’ – Sophie B

‘Thoroughly recommended! A fantastically knowledgeable, effective and helpful therapist. Took the time to understand and made some excellent suggestions on how to manage my well-being better on a day-to-day basis.’ – Goska K

‘I found the sessions extremely calming and relaxing, whether the acupuncture or Siân’s soothing presence I am not sure, but overall it was a very beneficial experience.’ – Gloria A

‘Labour was quite fast and furious and I had no time for any pain relief – we couldn’t even fill up the pool in time. So, to that end, I am truly thankful that I pursued the acupressure route. The shoulder points did help though and ultimately both actions gave my husband and I something practical and positive to do during labour. I would have been so much more stressed and out of control if I didn’t have those techniques in my toolkit to use. Thank you for your support along the way.’ – Lindsey L

‘I had been suffering from chronic Plantar Facitis two years. I had six sessions, each time I went back I was able to feedback on progressively more and more positive progress in not only the mobility in my feet and knees but also a reduction in pain. I think I’d started off with a feeling that the pain was around 8/10 and went down to what I’d classed 3/10. I’m not saying I’m cured as I do get small aches and pains sometimes. But the acupuncture combined with stretching has started me on a road to recovery for which I will be forever grateful! Thank you, Siân!’ – Tasneem A


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