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Acupressure: natural pain relief in labour workshop

What is acupressure and how can it help in labour?

Acupressure is the firm, constant application of pressure to specific points on the body and can be used to reduce pain in labour.

Having effectively used acupressure for pain relief in my own labour, and hearing the positive feedback from those I have taught, I feel passionate about passing this simple knowledge onto others. Not only did it aid my own positive experience in labour, it also helped my partner feel confident supporting me.

Pregnant woman (Siân Morriss Acupuncture)

Does acupressure significantly reduce labour pain?

Research has found it to be an effective, non-invasive, and easily applicable technique to reduce labour pain. Women have reported it halved the intensity of their contractions. Below are some personal accounts.

Is acupressure difficult to learn?

It is easy to learn for mother and birth partner. You will be shown the points and given individual feedback. And to help you practice at home you will be provided with a range of handouts and video aids.

How does it help my birth-partner in labour?

The techniques learnt will empower your birth-partner with an active role to support you in your labour. It gives them a pro-active and helpful technique to help your labour progress.

About this workshop

This two-hour workshop will equip you with the skills and confidence to use acupressure as natural pain relief in your labour.

Open to pregnant women and their birth partner from 36+ weeks.

Book a place

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‘Labour was quite fast and furious and I had no time for any pain relief – we couldn’t even fill up the pool in time. So, to that end, I am truly thankful that I pursued the acupressure route. The shoulder points did help though and ultimately both actions gave my husband and I something practical and positive to do during labour. I would have been so much more stressed and out of control if I didn’t have those techniques in my toolkit to use. Thank you for your support along the way.’ – Lindsey L

‘I did use the gas and air but the acupressure points on my lower back were essential. I felt each surge in my back. When my husband pressed on the points on my back it at least halved the intensity and made the surges a lot less overwhelming. At one point he tried to go and move the car but I wouldn’t let him as I literally couldn’t manage without him. He had to press very hard. It’s a good job he’s got strong thumbs. The acupressure was crucial in the labour. I am so glad I used it. It enabled me to have the active labour I so wanted. Thank you so much Siân.’ – Liz P

After nearly 12 hours of labour baby Maya was born at 9lbs and 6oz, and all praise to Kristine who managed the birth beautifully and made it through the whole way without any pain relief other than the acupressure. She found this was definitely a major beneficial factor in the labour, along with the use of the bath (a considerable amount of time spent in the bath once we got up to the birth centre, Kristine would have stayed in but was told she had to give birth on dry land!) and also some aromatherapy. The midwife who was present throughout was thoroughly impressed by our efforts and declared that she was “converted” to believe in the effectiveness of our alternative techniques! – Philip