Using acupuncture when trying to conceive after miscarriage

Charlotte, has kindly given her time to answers some questions around her use of acupuncture while trying to concieve after miscarriage.

Why did you come for acupuncture treatment?

I was struggling with my fertility; over the previous 12 months I suffered two miscarriages at 10 weeks and 7 weeks (6 months apart), I had two chemical pregnancies in between the miscarriages, and the rest of the months in between I had irregular periods with long and short cycles. All of this affected me mentally and physically. I felt that my hormones were totally unbalanced and after not getting anywhere with my GP, I sought help through acupuncture as a last attempt to have another baby and give my son a sibling.

What was your experience with acupuncture?

I found it very relaxing and interesting. I enjoyed feeling the little pulses of electricity [when the needles were inserted] as it meant to me that it was working and having some sort of effect on my body. It wasn’t painful at all and even during Covid-19 lockdowns, I felt safe and in good hands.

How did acupuncture help you?

I did some research online and I thought, if nothing else, I may be able to resolve what was happening to my cycles and balance my body, which would make me happier going forwards. I was expecting to have three cycles of treatment, but in fact I only needed one cycle (albeit a long cycle). I got pregnant on that cycle and carried on with my treatment until I was 12 weeks and I had my first scan. After having three miscarriages in my life, I was naturally worried that it was very possible that it could happen again, but I felt strong with my pregnancy, I felt connected and I was more relaxed knowing that I was doing all I could to keep my little bean in there and growing. Acupuncture also helped with some feelings of sickness, I was still a bit nauseous when I was hungry, but I was able to function fine and sleep well.

What advise would you give women considering acupuncture after experiencing miscarriage?

I think it is such a personal journey, I wasn’t advised to or recommended to have acupuncture, I really wanted to try something new. Whether it worked or whether I was going to have a successful pregnancy anyway, I will never know, I just know that the process of taking some sort of control over things I felt I had no control over really helped me mentally. I have already recommended acupuncture to friends going through various things in their life as I think it can help us for many reasons. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone struggling in their fertility journey (and have done), as long as they don’t put pressure on themselves (easier to say than do I know). I think you have to go into it with open arms and try to enjoy the experience. I definitely wish I had thought about it as an option sooner, but everything happens for a reason and we are expecting our baby boy any day now and can’t wait to meet him.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am very thankful for the positivity Siân showed me throughout my sessions, especially when some of my negative thoughts tried to creep in. She is superbly level headed and calm and kind. I will be forever thankful for her helping me on what was a very dark and lonely journey at times.

Note from Siân:

I ask women who come for treatment to share their experiences of using acupuncture. I do this for two reasons. The first is to highlight what acupuncture can help. The second is because there is nothing better than reading about someone else’s experience and knowing you are not alone.  There is never any pressure to answer these questions, and I would like to thank the women who take the time to share their stories. They help to open up conversation and better inform treatment options.

On a personal note I appreciate miscarriage can be difficult to talk about, and I would really like to thank Charlotte for being so open and sharing her experience. 

Further information

If you would like to know more know more about acupuncture for women’s health you can read about acupuncture and what to expect or contact me.