Heavy painful periods

Andreia H., a freelancer, has kindly given her time to answers some questions around her use of acupuncture to help manage painful and heavy periods.

Why did you come for acupuncture treatment?

To support me with anaemia, heavy bleeding and period pain, a condition I’ve had for many many years.

What was your experience with acupuncture?

I have been doing regular sessions with Siân for more than a year and so far it has been great . It is much easier than I expected. Siân is great explaining the whole process, adjusting and adapting for my specific needs which most times is going beyond acupuncture, explaining important details of my cycle, diet and other aspects of my life. She has also been very supportive in helping me creating sustainable routines to support me throughout my cycle.

How did acupuncture help you?

 So far it has been the most efficient therapy to reduce clots and heavy bleeding and has changed my cycle pattern for the better. I feel it has made a major difference in my body and consequently in my well-being.

If someone was considering acupuncture for painful and heavy periods what advise would you give them?

I would just say go for it, try and see how your body reacts. it can be very subtle to start with and it will make a huge difference long term.

Further information

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