Reading Clinic extends services to include Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Reflexology

Reading Clinic Family Practice

Established in 1990 the family run clinic of 18 Morgan Road Reading Berkshire RG1 5HG has offered osteopathy for the last 23 years. Situated within walking distance of the Royal Berkshire Hospital, University of Reading and Reading town centre it is easy to find with its red brick drive for off street parking.

The founder Chris Morriss now works along side his daughter Sian Morriss, an acupuncturist and reflexologist, extending the range of treatments offered from osteopathy to acupuncture and reflexology.


Chris, the clinics osteopath, has extensive experience graduating from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in 1990. In this time he has seen patients whose ages span from infants to the elderly and come from many walks of life including office workers, tradesmen and athletes. He treats all kinds of musculo-skeletal conditions including bad backs, stiff necks and sore knees – the list goes on – or, to use more technical language problems such as RSI, tennis and golf elbow, sciatica, sports injuriess and post operative rehabilitation. In essence he treats joint and muscle problems, both of the spine and limbs.

Those who have been treated by Chris will know him for his pragmatic approach. He believes in the importance of education so the patient knows what the problem is, why it has happened and, in addition to treatment, what they can do to support and maintain their recovery.


Now an acupuncture service was added to the Reading clinic. Sharing Chris’s interest in health, the acupuncturist Sian practices Traditional and Five Element Acupuncture treating a wide range of patients with many different conditions. She has traveled widely and was particularly impressed by the Himalayan approach to health, which both prevents disease and promotes well-being. Experiencing its benefits first hand she has seen how this approach can be applied to reduce the stress and pressure modern life can bring and to promote good health. She has an interest in women’s health and uses acupuncture for the induction of labour.


Sian is also reflexologist, qualifying from the London School of Reflexology in 2007. She started to practice reflexology after experiencing first hand the deep relaxation this foot massage brings while helping the body to naturally come back naturally to a balanced state of well-being.

Chris and Sian are of the thinking that life is for living and the foundation for that is good health. They are proud of the services they offer and are committed to developing their skills and knowledge to offer the best possible care for their patients.

If you would like to discuss how acupuncture, osteopathy or reflexology can help please contact us on 0118 9753893. Sian and Chris are both happy to discuss what the most appropriate treatment for you is to help you get back on your feet.