Acupuncture in pregnancy

Here is Liz’s account of using acupuncture in pregnancy and also acupressure in labour.

Please can you share your experience of using acupuncture in pregnancy?

Sian Morriss’s treatments and advice were pivotal to our birth preparation and labour. I was recommended Sian by my hypnobirthing instructor as my baby was back to back. Sian turned him successfully using Moxibustion Therapy. She also gave me great advice on how to optimise the baby’s position for labour.

Encouraged by this success I went to Sian weekly for acupuncture designed to prepare my body for labour. As someone who has been scared of needles my whole life she made the whole thing very comfortable and even relaxing!

I wanted to avoid going past my due date and didn’t want a chemical induction but Sian reassured me that she could perform an acupuncture induction if it came to it. Knowing I had that option greatly reduced the stress in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

As well as the acupuncture, Sian also showed my husband and I acupressure points for inducing labour and for pain relief during labour. As well as showing us how to do them she also gave us hand held notes and the name of a great acupressure app.

All of Sian’s input paid off. In my 39th week after doing the induction points on my shoulders and calves for 2 days and having a hot bath in the morning I felt surges from around 10 in the evening. The surges were strong and labour progressed quickly, my body was ready after all that labour preparation and Rufus was born at 2.59.

I did use the gas and air but the acupressure points on my lower back were essential. I felt each surge in my back. When Adrian pressed on the points on my back it at least halved the intensity and made the surges a lot less overwhelming. At one point he tried to go and move the car but I wouldn’t let him as I literally couldn’t manage without him. He had to press very hard. It’s a good job he’s got strong thumbs.

The acupressure was crucial in the induction and labour. I am so glad I used it and had the other treatments. It enabled me to have the active labour I so wanted. Thank you so much Sian.